Available for pre order – VMware NSX for…

Available for pre order – VMware NSX for vSphere Essentials: A practical guide to implementing Network Virtualization

Available for pre order – VMware NSX for…

This is the first definitive reference for all network and data center virtualization professionals planning, implementing, or operating VMware NSX 6.2 for vSphere.

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NSX 6.3: What’s New?

NSX 6.3: What’s New? – via Ather Beg’s Useful Thoughts

NSX 6.3: What’s New?

Finally! It’s time to talk about NSX 6.3. As you can tell from minor version jump, this version has a number of new capabilities and enhancements and most of them were highly-awaited too. If you were waiting for it too, there is a good chance that it contains what you wanted.

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In What Order Do I Upgrade VMware Products and…

In What Order Do I Upgrade VMware Products and What Is Compatible? – via Erik Hinderer

In What Order Do I Upgrade VMware Products and…

After attending VMware TechSummit 2017 last week, I’ve got a ton of takeaways to share over the next few months, but I wanted to get this article out there because it’s about two of the most common requests I hear: product compatibility and the order of product upgrades.

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SAP and NSX Micro-Segmentation Example & Demo

SAP and NSX Micro-Segmentation Example & Demo – via VMware Blogs

SAP and NSX Micro-Segmentation Example & Demo

Many companies deploying SAP systems run business processes that incorporate credit card payment transactions. Credit cards are subject to strict security standards developed by the PCI Security Standards Council, which is a consortium of the largest international payment card issuers.

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Hardware VTEPS – Design Considerations

Remember that a logical switch with a lif on the DLR can not be extended using a HW VTEP. The GUI will not let you select that logical switch, therefore you have to create the lif on a ESG (Edge). This has an impact on traffic flow as now all VM to VM traffic that needs to be routed will need to traverse your edge cluster and that ESG which is not optimal. This needs to be carefully considered in your design.

Also remember that Universal Logical Switches can not be used in conjunction with a Hardware VTEP.

For a list of current supported Hardware VTEPs please see https://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/pdf/vi_hvxg_guide.pdf



Virtually Speaking Podcast – VMworld preview

Virtually Speaking Podcast – VMworld preview via Yellow Bricks

Virtually Speaking Podcast – VMworld preview

This week I had the pleasure to join Pete and John again on the Virtually Speaking podcast, together with Ken Werneburg. We spoke about the upcoming VMworld event in Las Vegas. Throughout the show there are tips around sessions and vendors to look out for on the show floor. I think it was an interesting […] ” Virtually Speaking Podcast – VMworld preview ” originally appeared on Yellow-Bricks.com . Follow me on twitter – @DuncanYB.

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The New NSX 2016 Icon Library

The New NSX 2016 Icon Library

The New NSX 2016 Icon Library

If you want to create your own designs, document your home lab or present a design to a customer. I’m sure you want it to look professional. VMware has made some NSX powerpoint icons available in this document . There are also some other Useful NSX Resources like links to hand on labs and community URL’s available here .

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Operationalizing Micro-segmentation – NSX…

Operationalizing Micro-segmentation – NSX Securing “Anywhere” – Part III

Operationalizing Micro-segmentation – NSX…

Welcome to part 3 of the Micro-Segmentation Defined – NSX Securing “Anywhere” blog series. This installment covers how to operationalize NSX Micro-Segmentation. Be sure to check out Part 1 on the definition of micro-segmentation and Part 2 on securing physical workloads with NSX.

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