View Connection Server (1 of 7)


The View connection server(s) acts as a broker for client connections. View Connection Servers authenticate users through Windows Active Directory and then assigns a user to the appropriate desktop.  The main functions of a View Connection Server are as follows

  • Authenticating users
  • Entitling users to specific desktops and pools
  • Assigning applications packaged with VMware ThinApp to specific desktops and pools
  • Managing local and remote desktop sessions
  • Establishing secure connections between users and desktops
  • Enabling single sign-on
  • Setting and applying policies


The configuration data is stored in a LDAP directory and is replicated amongst other connection servers.

Overview of Horizon View


I thought I would publish a series of articles which would provide an overview of Horizon View. This will consist of an overview of the following;

  1. Connection Servers
  2. The View Connection Process
  3. View Security Servers
  4. View Composer
  5. View Agent
  6. View Client
  7. vCentre’s Involvement in Horizon View

Keep your eyes open for the first article in the next day or so.