Horizon View – vCentre Server (7 of 7)


The vCentre server is the management layer for managing the ESXi hosts. View integrates into the vCentre server to allow it to power on & off desktops. View composer talks to vCentre for any provisioning tasks that need to be ran e.g. Creating or deleting desktops and refreshing desktops at log off.

The vCentre server should be a dedicated vCentre server purely for the VDI Desktop environment and separate from any existing server environment.

Horizon View – View Client (6 of 7)


The View Client is the primary access method for accessing View Desktops, it can run on IOS,Android,Thin Clients, MAC and PC’s/Laptops.


With the latest release VMware have provided us with the ability to redirect client drives a feature which has been available to Citrix users for quite some time.  Check the latest Brian Madden review of this here.


Horizon View – View Agent (5 of 7)


The View Agent resides on the virtual desktop and provides features such as connection monitoring, virtual printing and access to local USB devices. The View Agent is installed by running the appropriate View Agent installer. An additional installer used to be required to add the HTML (Blast) access, this was referred to as the Feature Pack Installer but this is now included within the agent installer.


How pumped up is your pumped-up cloud data center?

How pumped up is your pumped-up cloud data center?

How pumped up is your pumped-up cloud data center?

A cloud data center is supposed to scale sky-high — but few know the actual capacity. How many virtual machines can it host, and how will the cloud perform as CPU, storage, networking and I/O utilization climb higher and higher? Those are hard and important questions that few can answer with confidence.

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