vShield Manager/Endpoint

I thought I would share with you a discussion we had in the office this morning regarding vShield Manager and its current position now EOA has been announced for vCNS.

  • vShield Manager allows you to manage vShield Endpoint(s), vShield Endpoint was a component of vCNS it lets you manage anti-virus and anti-malware policies for virtualized environments with the same management interfaces you use to secure physical infrastructure e.g. Sophos Enterprise Console.
  • vShield Manager will remain as an available download for all vSphere Essentials Plus and above customers, it will be available for download from the VMware download section.
  • Once the vShield Manager virtual appliance is deployed (No licence key is required as its uses the existing vSphere Key) vShield Endpoints can then be deployed on to the hosts.
  • VM’s communicate with the vShield Endpoints via means of a thin agent built in to VMware Tools.
  • To take advantage of IDS/IPS services offered by NSX certified partners NSX is required; the guest introspection services are needed to take full advantage offered by these services.