NSX Design & Deploy – Course Notes Part 2

Following on from the last post here are my remaining key points:

  • L2 Bridging – Single vDs only supported
  • DLR’s don’t place two DLR uplinks in the same Transport Zone
  • OSPF – Consider setting the OSPF timers to an aggressive setting if you have a requirement to do so  lowest setting is – Hello 1 Sec / Dead 3 Secs ( on Physical Router as well – set both sides i.e. the physical as well but note it might limit what you can set as an aggressive timer ) (10 Hello /40 Dead is the default protocol timeout)
  • Recommendation is to use anti-affinity rules to prevent deploying the DLR Control VM on the same ESXi host with an Active ESG – to prevent losing the DLR control VM and the Edge with the summary routes on (if you have set them – you should have! 😉 )
  • When applying DFW rules on the cluster object if you move VM’s between clusters then there is a few second outage on protection while the new rules are applied
  • Security policy weights – higher number takes priority e.g. 2000 higher than 1000

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